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Welcome! If you're looking for an active, intelligent, diverse dog breed, you've come to the right place.


Standard Poodles are known for their playful, dignified personalities, and their ability to quickly learn tasks and tricks. Don't let their fancy haircuts fool you; they are eager to please and highly trainable. Poodles excel at performance sports such as obedience, agility, and hunt tests and are equally skillful at service and therapy dog training. Snuggling their people with their soft fluffy coat is another prized poodle skill. Their hypoallergenic non-shedding coats make them amazing companions and excellent family dogs. A poodle really is a jack of all trades.

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We offer Transport

Through a "Flight Nanny" program we can get our puppies safely just about any where! Ask for estimate and location services

We've got Space

With 3.5 acres, there is ample space to conduct outdoor appointments. We are a largely kennel free environment, so you'll meet EVERYONE ;)