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Life is always better with a poodle! Just look at the reviews if you have any doubts.


"My Judy the Poodie is the most goofy, beautiful, intelligent, sensitive dog I've ever owned. She's just the best! Not only is she patient with my grumpy, old man Lhasa apso, she actually gets him to play with her! She also plays so well with my two year old. They have been having so much fun growing up together over the last year and a half. Judy has proven herself to be a helpful farm dog as well. read more

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"My name is Jessica and I have purchased 3 standard poodles from Becky. When I first spoke to Becky we spent a good 45 minutes talking about her dogs and the breed in general she is the sweetest person and an amazing dog owner all her pups are born in home and raised in home as well. read more

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"There are so many wonderful things to say about my experience with you [RJ Standard Poodles] and Lola that I don't know where to start. The bond I have with Lola is like nothing I've ever experienced before; we're inseparable. She has to be with us and be a part of everything we do. Lola loves the kids and is always engaging them to play. read more

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"He’s been such a fun dog! He’s such a loving, goofy character! I found he is a protector. One day I was walking him and my other dog and a man came jogging passed us. read more

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