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"My Judy the Poodie is the most goofy, beautiful, intelligent, sensitive dog I've ever owned. She's just the best! Not only is she patient with my grumpy, old man Lhasa apso, she actually gets him to play with her! She also plays so well with my two year old. They have been having so much fun growing up together over the last year and a half.


Judy has proven herself to be a helpful farm dog as well. She herds my free-range chickens when they're in an area of the yard they shouldn't be, and she would never think of injuring any of them. Judy does have a mischievous side though. That intelligent brain of hers gets her into trouble sometimes, but she learns so quickly and always listens. She's very sensitive towards what I say to her and does not like to get in trouble.


Judy is a very attractive dog and gets all kinds of compliments everywhere we go! We ran a 5k earlier this year and were told that she was "the best looking dog" out of all of the doggy race contestants!


I highly recommend one of Becky's standard poodles for any active family. They're great companions!"


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