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(Spay/Neuter Contract)

The phrase"Pet Only" is used for puppies that are going to homes as pets which may not be used for breeding. Those who buy their puppy as "pet only" are required to sign our puppy contract  stating the dog can never be bred and must be spayed/neutered. As of 5/07/2024 all puppies will go home with AKC PALS registration. The AKC does not require dogs to be altered (spayed or neutered) in order to be registered. However, the expectation with "Pet Only" contract will back the decision with their licensed vet whether to alter and at which age. See our FB page for info.



A deposit is a commitment to purchase. I require a $300 non-refundable deposit to guarantee ownership. The remaining balance must be paid in full and the payment must be cleared before your puppy can be taken home. Puppies can go home no sooner than 8 weeks.

Pickup is preferred, but we offer shipping through pet friendly airlines, and can only do so at certain times of the year. Weather dictates when and  how a puppy can be shipped. For a fee, we may be able to meet you half way or deliver your puppy to you if you live in the Puget Sound area via a puppy nanny.

Free Pet Insurance

Free Pet Insurance

Receive 30 days of free insurance for your puppy throughTrupanion.

Included In Cost


  • 2 year Health Guarantee on genetic diseases¹

  • Genetically health tested parents. Our puppies are not affected by or At Risk² any of the genetic diseases listed on our Health Guarantee Contract. You can see what our Dams and Sires are tested for on our Dams & Sires page.

  • Vet check before they go home (around 7 weeks old)

  • Up to date vaccinations and worming. Your puppy will NOT need their 8 week vaccinations at its first vet visit.

  • 30 days of free health insurance through Trupanion

  • Access to our "Members Only" blog and Facebook group that contains useful info for experienced and first time poodle owners with things such as grooming, exercise, food, and rebates for items such as flea/tick medications. 

  • Puppy information packet

  • Tail is not altered and left natural

  • Small amount food to help transition

  • A.K.C. puppy registration papers. You can register your puppy by mail. 

¹Our Health Guarantee only covers the genetic diseases we test for. The complete list can be seen on our Health Guarantee contract and on the dam's individual page. The two year period starts on the whelping date.

²At risk means a dog does carries two copies of a variant. None of our poodles are "At Risk" or "Affected." Carrier means a dog carries only one copy of a variant, and is not at risk for developing the illness.

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