Puppy Selection Process

We have developed a multi-step process to help us select the right adopters for our standard poodles, and for the families to also find what they are looking for in their new addition. It is based off of over a decade of experience in adoptions, the basis of temperament testing (sensitivies, basic personality traits, and motivations), family/adopter needs, and continually seeking new knowledge to evolve our adoption process.

 In 8 weeks, we have a solid idea of the puppy’s basic personality and we have been watching and assessing for additional sensitivities, as necessary for a successful pairing. RJ Standard Poodles likes to get the adopter/family involved and using their good senses for the best fit. If you are a first time adopter, NO WORRIES, we'll be happy to walk you through the entire process! 


When you apply through the Puppy Application, we ask you size, gender, coloring, and activity preferences.


As we get to know you, and your needs we begin looking for the ideal puppy with the right personality.


Bonding and Puppy Love

The organic portion, where we look for that spark of interest and the beginning of bonding that each adopter experiences


RJ Standard Poodles isn't your typical Breeder, but we are successful----and we GUARANTEE that same success with your adoption.

Once you've filled out an application, discussed your needs, selected a litter waitlist.....


  • Deposits can be discussed after your application has been received and approved and after we have met or spoken on the phone. Deposits can be paid with cash, check, or PayPal. Final payment is due a week prior to pickup your puppy. If using PayPal, the buyer is responsible for the PayPal fee and must include the 3% processing fee with the deposit or payment.

  • Your deposit goes toward the total cost of your puppy and is used to reserve your puppy until he or she is ready to go home. If we are unable to provide a puppy for you due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. not enough puppies or chosen gender), a full refund of the deposit will be given. All other deposits are nonrefundable.

Waiting List

  • A puppy application must be filled out, you must be approved, and a deposit must be placed before you can be added to our waiting list.

  • You must be specific as to what gender and color you'd like and what dam and sire you're wanting a puppy from.

  • The puppies will be matched with their people in the order the people were added to the list.

  • If you do not want a puppy from the current litter or dam, your deposit may be rolled over to the next available litter, but will be done so at the discretion of RJ Standard Poodles.

  • If you decide not to choose a puppy when one becomes available, your deposit will be forfeited. 

Puppy Picking in Descending order

After the litter is born, we go through the applications and deposits in the order they were received and match the puppies with the buyers' preference of gender and color.

  • Puppies can not be visited until they are at least 4 weeks old. Please understand that they are susceptible to disease when they are young and keeping visitors from coming and going helps protect them and the rest of our pack. Our poodles' health is our foremost concern.

  • After your deposit is placed and a puppy has been matched to your needs, you may schedule a date and time to pick them up. Your puppy can not go home before it is 8 weeks old. 

Puppy Updates

We try to accommodate puppy families and visitors, but sometimes it's difficult to take pictures on a regular basis. We try to send pictures when we have the time. We try our best to provide Bi-weekly updates once your puppy is born. The puppy are continually given different opportunities for stimuli and enrichment to ensure well rounded, curious, and social personalities. Many of our pups and mothers have gone on to fulfill positions as certified therapy and service animals. We are even endorsed by local programs.