Puppy Selection Process

Step 1: Application and Preferences

Gender/color/size: This may seem superficial, but it is the basis of a great pairing. Gender is key at making the relationship between new puppy and an already established dog in the Adopter’s home.

Coloring is primarily all beauty. However, getting a “look” that is exciting to the new adopter and/or family is not only fun, but motivating to show off and helps the love process.

Sizing is a big and little deal. Many adopters have specific sizing in mind whether it be for inner city apartment living, therapy purposes, or because they have their own physical needs. Along with making sure the poodle meets their daily expectations.


Step 2: Personality

From the application process to the first puppy meet and greets, RJ Standard Poodle's team is continually reassessing the match by the family needs, and desired uses of the poodle which would include: emotional support, therapy, agility. We watch activity level(s) of the receiving adopter and puppy, and any additional sensitivities that may affect the “puppy pairing”.  

Additional sensitivities would include, but is not limited to shyness, the touch portions of temperament testing, activity levels, and loner like tendencies. If we feel the puppy is not reflecting the right traits for the adopter, and adopter’s
additional needs”---- we can do several things.

 Schedule additional meet and greets, give the adopter all the information we can, and then make a smart decision together.

 **All service animals are required to be trained by professionals, and meet National and regional certification requirements.

Step 3: Bonding and Puppy Love

We do ALWAYS see this, and when we do not, we know it is not a good fit. This is the most organic part of the process! When you light up with interest, the puppy connects to you, and this natural meshing of attachment and bond starts forming.

This starts from your first google search or visit to rjstandardpoodles.com, and goes through the whole process. Both RJ Standard Poodles and the adopters can make this call at any time during the meet and greets or even after they take the puppy home (very rare). If there is not the right connection or it just is not meshing, they can bring the puppy back to us, no questions asked. 

We Guarantee Success 

We have a hollistic approach to the adoption process, and do highly value that love and drive that we continually find in our adopters. Our goal is that you feel empowered throughout the adoption process, and to know that we've listened to your requests and take it to heart. As an adopter of RJ Standard Poodle, you have a life-long advocate, and we'll do our best to be by your side as you and your puppy grow together.