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Available Puppy List as of 07May24

  1. Black and White Parti, w/ tiny brown eye brown markings, white saddle across bum, tan/mixed muzzle, red collar, BOY

  2. Tri-color parti, mostly white body, no color or black collar, always napping, GIRL

  3. Tri-color Parti, brown eye brown markings, large black saddle marking, pink collar, GIRL **adoption pending

Rose x Sunny

DOB: 12APR24 

What makes this litter special? Well, besides that both parents are amazing! These baby poodles have their very own very distinct looks to match their own very unique personalities. We've got tricolor partis, chocolate partis, black and white partis, and some really amazing markings! The mother Rosie really takes her job seriously and puts in the most effort to ensure the puppies receive maximum love and stimuli-- which just can't be duplicated.

We take 8-10 Deposits per litter

Of course, there are usually more than just 8. We go to our deposit holders first, and then post them on social media and other platforms second. 

Date listed is approximate, entirely up to the natural cycle of events.

If you'd like to be put on our waiting list, please fill out our puppy application here. You can click here to see more about the puppy selection process. 

We keep tentative schedules a year in advances and take deposits up to 12 months prior. All sires and mothers are health tested through Wisdom Panel or Embark DNA.

Morticia x Preston

DOB: 27APR2024

Morticia is the spunk at RJ Standard Poodles, and will never miss an afternoon of playing ball! Preston is a white and brown parti that is show quality in not just looks!His personality is just as fabulous AVAILABLE NOW! We have as Follows: 

6 Black Males 

1 Black Female

3 Light Females

4 Light Males 

There are Phantom markings in this litter! We've got the darling smoky eyebrows, and sleeves. They are all doing amazing, and we expect eyes opening in another week or two. 

trupanion breeder kit brochure standard

Included in your puppy pack is 30 days of FREE health insurance provided by  Trupanion™. You have 24 hours from the time you pick up your puppy to register with the activation code located on your Trupanion Breeder Certificate. Your puppy will be covered for any new injury or illness in the 30 day period. If you've missed registration, you can still enroll your puppy in Trupanion's excellent health insurance plan here.

Dog Food

What We feed...

At  Puppy pick-up your puppy has been eating Kirklands Puppy Chicken, Rice, & Vegetable formula- dry dog food. Your pup will be sent home with a sample of their current food to help with the transition of taking new puppy home. It is not recommended to immediately switch dog foods, as it can cause gastrointestinal upset. We would recommend slowly transitioning by mixing new food with current Kirkland Puppy Food, slowly decrease old food and increase new food. We purchase from Costco Stores/online, and link here for full product details. Any questions, just ask!

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