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"He’s been such a fun dog! He’s such a loving, goofy character! I found he is a protector. One day I was walking him and my other dog and a man came jogging passed us. I had to hold Blue and he growled at him until he was passed us. On another occasion, my daughter was keeping Blue and Lucy while I visited my husband in North Dakota. My daughter told me a friend of theirs stopped by to visit, but they weren’t home. He later told them that Blue wouldn’t let him come to the door. Their dog (a Great Dane/Mastiff) was just bouncing around, wanting to play, but Blue was protecting the property! Blue is overly friendly when someone comes to our door and I allow them in, but if I don’t he may growl at them. He is just what I wanted! A friendly, loving companion, but a guardian too! My husband is home now and Blue and he are best buds! We just love him!"


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