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Puppy Go Home List

It is eight almost unbearable weeks later, and you may have not gone shopping yet? OR you've gone shopping and still don't know if you have everything within the mountain of adorable puppy gear. Soo we've decided to help a bit and give a few suggestions to help you get organized prior to bringing your precious spoo home.

What is your plan for your puppies "safe haven"? This is their spot in the home. If you are crate training, this will be their crate and a small area near there. Our puppies will be over range from 45-90 lbs fully grown. Is this space safe and free from counter height mischief? Consider buying outlet covers, child locks, etc. Why child door locks? Poodles are smart. Mine can do deadbolts, doorhandles, ice from the fridge, and follows me around whether I want him to or not. Ultimately, what is the plan and space for time apart from one another?

What type of leash training are you planning on doing? Harness? Gentle leader? Chirp training? Pinch collar, prong collar, shock collar...uh no-- pain=negative associations and reactions. Poodles actually can be hard to train to walk on a leash, it is their ONE negative quality and it is only sometimes! So start early! Use positive reinforcement, and many don't fall for treats like Labs, Goldens, etc.

FOOD... You'll get a sample of what they've been eating. Research food that you are comfortable with both ingredient and price point! Then slowly introduce new food by adding a 1/4, and incrementally increasing the new food and decreasing the old food. Doing it too fast can result in tummy issues. First few ingredients should be protein. Anything full of corn is not going to to give your poodle what they need. Eukanuba, Natures Best, Costco, all of middle of the road options at a fair price.

Treats... Yes, this is different than food. This is strictly pleasure. Becky will likely send you home with a soup bone (if available). Other great ideas are Bully Sticks, Dream Sticks, jerkies, and rawhide alternatives. DO NOT FEED RAWHIDE. Not to Poodles not to any dog. It creates a paste, like glue in their tummies and they cannot pass it fast enough. Food, pieces of toys, rocks, and other items that could otherwise pass get stuck in the paste of rawhides and cause all kind of havoc. Peanut butter, apples, carrots, green beans, frozen berries, and some soft cheap training treats-- of course don't break the bank but be knowledgeable.

Toys, they honestly are going to want your attention the most. Some key things though, puppies do teeth! So, shredding and chewing is just part of it. Letting them chew on your hands maybe cute, at first. We discourage this, and instead have a soft or squeaky toy in place of your hand; whenever they attempt to chew on shoes, or you replace with a toy. You don't need to go crazy in this department, there will be high turnover at first, and they will guide you to what they like--- SO DONT BUY EVERYTHING. ;)

Schedule you first puppy visit PRIOR to the puppy pickup date. We are dealing with it ourselves; vets are swamped and understaffed. Make these visits early so they can be ontime for boosters, and you don't have to wait weeks or months to get into the local clinic.

Look up puppy classes, and local groomers. Just getting in for a puppy wash, with no haircut is a great part of the process and helps soothe the pups nerves. Then when it slowly increases with intensity over time as hair develops and it is time for full grooms! Puppy classes at PetSmart are popular and we love seeing the certificates! It is a great place to start.

  • bedding M/L

  • crate M/L

  • first collar small

  • harness, gentle leader, clicker, etc whatever method that is positive!

  • Leash (personally like the over 6')

  • Poop bags/holder for poop bags

  • puppy proofed spot/plan

  • schedule first Vet Visit

  • found groomer

  • puppy classes

  • puppy food, start with 22lbs bag to make sure they like it.

  • food bowls

  • treats, bully sticks, jerky, rawhide alternatives, soft training treats, plain yogurt, carrots, frozen berries


  • Car towels/protector (this just becomes part of life)

  • Brushes( get something basic at first, and then let your groomer guide you specific your dogs coat and cut)

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