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What to know about 'ALT' Conditions in Standard Poodles

Alanine Aminotransferase Activity (ALT) is a clinical tool that can be used by veterinarians to better monitor liver health. A positive for High or low is not an indication of liver disease. ALT is one of several values veterinarians measure on routine blood work to evaluate the liver. This is a naturally occurring enzyme located in liver cells that helps break down protein. When the liver is damaged or inflamed, ALT is released into the bloodstream, and can result in higher than normal or lower than normal activity. Some gastrointestinal diseases will also be reflected in higher/lower ALT levels.

THIS MEASUREMENT IS STRICKLY TO FIND BASELINE in the poodle, and again does not indicate there is any disease or illness present. Getting this test simple allows owners and veterinarians to begin tracking of ALT levels, so that if that poodle were to become sick they could compare what it is now and, "What is their normal liver function like?".

This is a common difference between bloodlines and does not create risk in breeding a healthy Standard Poodle. For more information please visit :

And of course, also consult with your veterinarian.

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